Poetry doesn’t have to have rhyme or reason—it’s just better if it does.

I started writing this poem back in June of 2021, completing the artwork sometime in early 2022. Similar to my JBO article, I’m Not Vaccinated, I’m Not an “Anti-Vaxxer”, this poem was born out of my frustration with the politics driving the Covid response and narrative. As I edited the poem, however, it became something more. I think it’s fair to call it a lyrical diatribe on Western society from 1945 to the present—in other words, a polemic poem.


I imagined it as a conversation between friends at a coffee shop, almost as if the one listening had recently awaken from a coma. In retrospect, that’s how I felt about other people at the time that I wrote this—i.e., that they were sleeping through life, blind to what was happening all around them. I think we all feel that sometimes; that feeling so perfectly encapsulated in Albert Einstein’s famous quote, “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: Am I or the others crazy?”


It’s taken me a while to publish this poem but I’m happy to finally get it out there. I hope you enjoy it—the artwork took forever.


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