About this Storyteller

One way or another, expressing ideas through the written word has always been part of my story. Long before I had even learned the English language, I used to scrawl in my mother’s notebooks and pretend that I was writing the next great adventure novel. To this day, I swear, if I could only decipher that chicken scratch, I’d have a best-seller on my hands (after maybe a couple dozen rewrites).


While I continued scribbling on the edges of notebooks all throughout elementary and secondary school, I went on to study economics at the University of Western Ontario. Though I’ve never lost my love for economics, I could hear the life of a writer, calling me from the Highlands of Scotland. I spent my time there honing my skills as a professional writer and building my portfolio.


Since then, I’ve come to learn and appreciate all of the different forms of writing—from narrative prose to advertising copy, to technical documents and lyrical poetry. As a storyteller, I incorporate all of these elements into my writing to enkindle, enlighten and, I hope, to entertain readers.